• Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

    The faculty is located in the heart downtown Gadarif city, Gadarif state, Eastern Sudan; it has been educating the future physicians and nurses of Sudan and other surrounding countries since establishment in 1997. The founder and first dean of faculty was Prof. Eldirdiri Algaili Salah (1997-2008), who is considered the spiritual father of all faculty members.

Gadarif State is one of the most endemic areas of visceral leishmaniasis in Sudan and the disease which was localized in small belt is spreading dramatically over the past few years, involving Gadarif town itself and the neighboring states.
Visceral leishmaniasis is now the first public health problem in Gadarif State for the following reasons:

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Insectaraum construction

Insectaraum construction MOU between Gu KRC&DNDI For infectivity reacarh in PKDl As source of infectionProjects between GuKRC , F OF SIEN. KH U , DNDI ,INSTUTUTION OF ENDEMUC DISEASEThis is one of excellency center and innovuated steps For accreditaion iniated by one OUR genus graduated candidateS DR. Atyia HIGH DISTINGUISH AATENDANCE FROM GENEVIA/SWISSER LAND csrry the responsibility of establising the labs


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Name of institution: FMHS, UoG Address: FMHS, UoG, P.O Box 449 Gadarif 32211, Sudan

Telephone Mobile: Dean: 00249114747152

Fax: 0024944143162

E-mail: med.gadun@gmail.com Dean Email: gamalkhalid5@hotmail.com


Number of graduates: 1097